IOT project ideas for final year students

Computer Science Projects

Students who are in the final year of their engineering or computer science have to submit their own projects in the last term of their semesters. As one has already worked on many projects till now so they can be considered experience in respect of projects. In the final year project they need to show the efforts and skills they have learned throughout their courses because the following project can fetch a good job with a satisfactory package for them.

So it should be unique and well nurtured with a good user interface.  As we know the employer always seeks good and skillful employees for their companies. Apart from that if one does not want to work for others then they can use their skills and experience to form and administer their own business as well.

Here in the following article we are going to discuss some of the best iot projects that a final year student should consider before selecting the final year project for themselves. That will increase the opportunities for them to get their dream job. They are as follows :

  • human action detection with object detection in video files
  • energy efficient clustering using particle swarm
  • novel clustering algorithm for wireless sensor network
  • Solar tracker project for final year student
  • Smart grid management using solar coupling

human action detection with object detection in video files –  one can make a human action detection system with the identification of the object or object detection system for video files. It will help in recording and finding the major to minor actions done by human interference through their actions. It also detects the objects through which actions done or used by them in conducting those actions or present their by default.

Uses – in police investigation, in hospitals, sports, filming, event management etc

Solar tracker project for final year students – the time is gone where we only watch and daydream about how to utilize the natural resources that will never end or can be used again. With time we manage to utilize  renewable energy like sunlight; as a source of energy for longer term or as future fuel.

It is a good initiative to save energy and other resources for a better tomorrow; but as we know the weather is not always the same, it is dynamic. There are many things that affect sunlight like rotation of earth, and other weather conditions.

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So we can not totally depend on static panels as they always remain in the same position; to solve this problem we can go towards a solar tracker system that tracks sunlight all day and saves energy to utilize later. This type of project helps in utilizing resources in an efficient way and by applying this one can get better benefits from it