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List of Scopus indexed Indian journals

It is a frequent question these days that why is it necessary to publish your article in any Scopus indexed Indian journals. People also ask why such journals are indexed and what difference does it makes if we publish our article in non-indexed journals. ABCD index wants to clear some of the facts regarding Scopus indexed Indian journals to enhance the knowledge of our researchers and students.

Why a Journal is Indexed?

There are several Indexing agencies such as ABCD Index, EBSCO, WorldCat, Scopus, Web of Science, and many more. Such an Indexing agency indexed a particular journal and shows them to a different group of audiences. The more the journal is indexed you can expect the more vivid the target audience is. Index of journal simply means that your work will be available in the library database and have higher chances of being visible, read, or viewed. This is the primary difference between indexed and non-indexed journals.

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Why Scopus indexed Indian journals

Scopus indexed Indian journals are advantageous to students as they provide fast review process than the journals of other countries. Even the charges for publishing the papers are reasonable in such journals. One of the best advantages of such a journal is that here the work is given more emphasis than the level of English while it is opposite in journals of other countries. The transaction process is also done in INR which is easy while in other countries you have to open a pay-pal account which is a tedious process.

That does not mean that non-indexed Scopus journals are complete of no use to researchers. There are many such journals that have a good audience but are not Scopus indexed because many journals fail to follow their norms with such indexing agency

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fast publishing Scopus indexed journals in multidisciplinary