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Some Essential Tips to How to Publish a Research Paper

This article will provide you with some vital tips to consider before publishing your research paper. Research scholars who are doing their PhDs should be familiar with how to publish a research paper in international journal. The same rule applies to students who are pursuing their further studies and have to submit research paper to journal. So we IJSET and IJSRET are trying to provide some guidelines to people as we are one of the leading journals that offer paper publication services.

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How to publish a research paper without professor

The first and foremost thing before writing a research paper is to figure out your area of interest. Also, make sure that you have collected enough knowledge about your research roughly before beginning to write your paper. You should keep yourself aware of any current or ongoing research related to your topic and should note it down. You can collect such information from these two major sources-

  1. Googling your topic and reading newspaper or scientific magazines regularly as there are plenty of data and journals available on these sources.
  2. Visit any conference that is related to your research and gain some knowledge from the experts.

Following the above two steps, you will be ready to write and ready to submit research paper to journal successfully and effectively.