Patient Management System Project In PHP


Hospitals and clinics deal with so many patients regularly. Taking record or keeping details of each patient manually is not an easy task especially in medium or large hospitals because visitors there are in bulk so it is not that simple as it looks like.

The patient management system project is developed using php. This Patient management system will be useful in dealing with the issues faced by hospitals and clinics in managing patients records, reports, diagnosis, complaints etc.

This project will also be useful for students who are looking for IT projects with source code to develop better understanding of the live projects and gain experience in the field with excelling their skills in real time projects.

This project mainly has two modules; Admin and user module.
Patient Management System Project In PHP


  • Secure login system for staff and doctors.
  • Manage appointments online accept/ delete.
  • Manage patient schedule.
  • Add patient detail.
  • Manage patient records systematically.
  • Generate diagnosis report online.
  • Can update users profile and password whenever needed

Users (patients)

  • Can download diagnosis reports easily.
  • Make appointments online remotely.
  • Get test results online.
  • Can see services and facilities provided by the clinic on the website.
  • Can make complaints related to their issues.
  • Can have an overview of the fees or charges of the services offered by hospital or clinic.
Patient Management System Project