School Management System Project in PHP with Source Code


School Management System Project in Php with Source Code

Schools are the places where young minds are shaped for the prospering future of a country and society. There are so many things a school has to manage alongside dealing with a number of students on a daily basis to fulfill the responsibility of an institute that is contributing in making  leaders of tomorrow.

Schools have to manage and keep the record of students and staff for the present as well as future use, so managing their data on papers for a longer term is not easy because weather conditions affect records and the paper’s Self life is also not that long so they become fragile over time. To counter all of these situations and manage all the work efficiently many schools and academic institutions shifted towards the online mode to manage their work easily.

The School management system project which is developed in php and mysql is designed for the schools and other institutes working in the same field to ease their workload from other things so that they can focus on shaping aspiring minds. This school management system php can also be useful for the students or individuals who are looking for a real time project to accelerate their skills because the school management system project in php is provided with its source code so they can learn and understand the project easily.

This project works in several modules. They are as follows

Admin, students, librarian, accountant, parents etc.

School Management System Project in PHP

Features for Admin

  • Admin can create, add, delete or update any profile on the system.
  • Can approve or reject requests.
  • Secure user id and password.
  • Manage staff and students records online.
  • Can update profile and password whenever they want.
  • Can manage records

Features for Students

  • Can view homework and assignments.
  • Can upload homework and assignments.
  • Can see timetable / class schedule / results.
  • Online payment system.

Features for Teachers

  • See student details.
  • can mark students’ attendance online.
  • Can assign homework online.
  • Can See students marks, progress and performance in tests or examinations.

Features for Parents

  • Can see the report card of the child.
  • Can see the time table of the tests and examinations.
  • Can see attendance of the child.
  • Can see marks obtained by the child in particular tests and examinations.

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