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Business starts with an idea and continuous work on the idea takes it to reality. Any business needs publicity from ancient times to this digital era, although medium changes. This digital world needs a global website identity, but getting business from the website partially depends on visitors. Out of direct paid promotion SEO of the website plays an important and permanent role. Website owners work on website designing, features but search engines (Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, etc) check a variety of other parameters of websites. So to get free traffic on a website one has to do SEO of his website.

So to start taking or providing SEO services by the website owner following grounds should be cross checks:

 SEO Company in India

1.    Make a website audit first that is on-page SEO.

  • Website load time
  • Website URLs
  • Page Breaks of the site
  • Broken links
  • Image tags
  • Navigation
2. Further find the set of keywords that relates your website services

3.    Apply off page SEO work

  • Blogging
  • Profile Creation
  • Commenting
  • Indexing
  • Many more..

  1. Create some video content related to your site services.
  2. Optimize site as per on-page and off-page work.
  3. Always use a site tracker to check traffic, visitor flow, engagement, etc.
  4. Never lose hope as SEO is not one day, week, month work. It’s a continuous work that needs patience.
  5. Do not over marketing or content floating on the internet as search engines consider it as spam.
  6. Always check Google updates as they provide guideline for the websites to get good content to its user.
  7. Never but any paid instant services like back-links, profile pages, etc. As these are not authenticated or search engines are aware of such activities.

All these steps help new website owners to filter the SEO service provider as many people are either targeting low traffic keywords and many of them provide fake traffic to the site. This wastes your time and money. Digital marketing by website from SEO needs a clear understanding of the customer segment and their requirement with queries/keywords. Global reputation depends on website reach and website visitors come to know about you when you get a platform to present yourself. Such platforms are search engines so optimization of such content highly depends on people who are working in this field