Online Quiz System In PHP With Source Code


Online Quiz Project In PHP

In present times, almost everything is available online so how can the education system remain untouched from it. Online examinations are quite popular in the modern education system. Many schools, colleges, educational institutes offer online courses and conduct the tests and examinations online with the help of internet and electronic devices; even conventional institutes are shifting towards the online mode of examination.

There are several benefits that attract educational institutes towards the online mode of examinations. They are following below :

  • saves time.
  • easy to monitor
  • requires less manpower.
  • saves money.
  • remotely accessible.
  • result

Online Quiz System In PHP

The online quiz project is developed using php. Main purpose of this project is to help out in taking and giving examinations, tests or quizzes online over the internet. This system will help students as well as teachers and other organizations who want to execute examinations widely in a given time. This project can also be useful for students who are looking for projects with their source code. So one can utilize this to sharpen their skills and develop better understanding of the project.

The online quiz project in php mainly operates in three modules.

1. Admin module

2. Teacher module

3. Student module

Features for Admin

  • Secure login system.
  • Manage quiz
  • See users on the site.
  • See ranking of the individuals.
  • View details

Features for Teachers or instructors

  • See quiz score.
  • Unique login system
  • See ranking on the portal.
  • Manage quiz
  • See users
  • View details

Features for students

  • Students have a simple login and logout system.
  • Can register themselves on the portal
  • ┬áCan see quiz scores.
  • Can see ranking on the portal
  • Access quizzes easily

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