Online Car Rental System Project In PHP


The online car rental system project in php is basically designed for the people who are in need of temporary cars for example – they does not have their own car, recently damaged their vehicle and waiting to be repaired, travelers and other individuals who are out of their home for business trips, medical issues etc. in other words online car rental system project is developed using PhP and mysql  for the people who needed a temporary car for their work.

Online Car Rental System Project In PHP

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This project will help users in renting the car using car rental websites over the internet easily. They can choose brands, see features of the cars, make online booking, Admin can add cars for rent and other details on the site.

 The online car rental system project has three modules in which this system provides its facilities to the users in a friendly manner.

1. Admin

2. Registered users

3. Guest users

Features for Admin

  • Secure login system.
  • Manage brands by adding, editing, deleting.
  • Manage bookings by accepting or canceling.
  • Can update content of the about , contact , address pages.
  • Can manage subscribers on the portal.
  • Can update profile and password anytime.

Features for Guest users

  • Guest users can see details of the rental cars.
  • Can inquire about the cars through the contact us page.
  • They can visit the website for more information.

Features for Registered users

  • Have a secure login system.
  • Users can make booking online.
  • Users can see the history of the bookings.
  • Users can see car details.
  • Users Can see brands and other features of the cars.
  • Users Can update their profile and password anytime.

Apart from that this project can also be useful for the students who are looking for projects to excel their skills on live projects.

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