Library Management System Project In PHP


Good library management System project should be easy and simple to use. It should be user-friendly for both admin and user. Such software should provide backups, offline storage, and up-gradation. Such a library management system is important as it keeps track of the activities of the library for 24 hours and also shows the updated list of in and out books at ease. A good library management software should be easy to customize so that changes can be made whenever needed. The cost of such software should also be affordable.

About the project:

The project has been efficiently designed by using PHP and MySQL. The project has been developed keeping in mind the problems that manual keeping of records face by any librarian. The project has also used HTML, Bootstrap, and CSS technologies other than PHP and MySQL.

Salient Details of Library Management System Project in PHP

As a user or customer, you can browse through all the books available in the library. You can check the return date of any books and can also request the library by selecting “add books” options. There is also a notice board panel where you can view updates of the school such as functions or seminars. You can also contact the librarian by the “Contact” option.

As an admin, you can have complete control over the issuing of books to pupils. You can allow the registration of teachers and students. You can add, delete, and edit new books in the software by pressing the buttons on the dashboard. In short it’s the complete package in one software.

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