Online Examination System In PHP And MySQL Source Code


Online examination system in PHP and MySQL source code download

Web Digital Web provides you this excellent and innovative project that will make the process of examination easy and efficient for both the students and the examiner. We have collection of innovative projects which are available for both free and paid versions. Online exams are easier and efficient than traditional exams due to

  • Online exams save paper and reduces manual checking of exams
  • One can expect the results faster than offline mode of exams as marks calculation is made electronically which are faster.
  • Student can answer the questions using computers and so get a chance to get familiar with the machine.

As Student:

You can simple log-in in the software as the user name and password will be given to you by the examiner.  After this you will be directed to your profile section in which you can fill up the details such as

  • Name
  • Roll no
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Qualification
  • Address
  • City
  • Pin code number

After this you have to press “begin test”. Then you will be given questions with 4 options and also options such as

  • View previous question
  • View next question
  • Reset(to change your answer)
  • And submit to end your test
  • You can then log-out from the test.

You can give test on different subjects such as PHP, JAVA, HTML, and many more. AT the end of the test you can see the result and can also submit your feedback.

As Examiner-

You can log in as an admin and can view students’ profile. You can view their marks and their number of attempted and left questions in the sheet along with the marks obtained. You can also sort the students based on marks to know the topper students.

You can also go to the add/ edit/ and remove questions on the “question bank” section and then select the subject which you have to change.

 You can also change the sequence of the questions in any section. The project is easy to navigate and one can easily configure the software by making simple changes in source code.

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