Online Doctor Appointment System Project In PHP


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Doctor Appointment System In PHP With Source Code

Online Doctor Appointment System Project In PHP

Online doctor appointment system project in PHP was developed by using PHP and MySQL. When our developers created this project, they mainly focused on making the project friendly and easy to the user. With the help of this project patients can book the doctor online very easily. Admin and doctor are the authority of this project where they can make changes in functions like insert the details of patients, delete the details of patients and can check the patient list, appointment timing e.t.c. When our developers was working on this project they think very deeply that how can be easily done an online doctor appointment system project in PHP. Admin has the power to perform multiple functions from just one platform.

Online Doctor Appointment System Project In PHP

This online doctor appointment system in PHP has different functions for doctor, patient and admin. For the access of users in this system you will get one login and password and one login and password for the doctors. In the section of doctor’s login, the doctor can only check the details of patients whereas in the admin’s login they will check all the information of doctors and patients. 

Functioning of this project

Admin side:
  1. Admin can accept and reject the booking of patient.
  2. Admin is giving the timing slots to patient.
  3. Admin can see all the information of patients.
  4. Admin can modify the list of patients.
  5. Admin can change the timing.
  6. Admin can cancel the appointment .
  7. Admin can allot the doctor to patients.
  8. Admin can also check the previous records of patients.
 Doctor side:
  1. Doctor can see the list of patients.
  2. Doctor can see the information related to the patient.
  3. Doctors can check the reports of patients.
  4. Doctors can allot a timing to patients.
Technologies used for developing this project
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • CSS

Download project – [email protected]