Online Book Store Project In PHP

Online Book Store Project is a Web-Based Online e-book Shopping Project. This is an simple online web store was made by using php , mysql and bootstrap. the sql for database is put in folder database. the database contains many tables.

The 2 main things are not fully implemented is contact and process purchase. Due to having to work with some security and online payment, the process site is just a place holder.

It has a form for user to input query information to search the books from database.

The control function is designed to process the input from the user’s interface, generate the searching query and then gets data from the database and returns to the user’s interface.

Books are Categorized in different Category and each Category have Some Sub Category.

Students Can Download Online Book Store Project From for their College Projects.

Online Book store Project Report are also available on the website any one can download online bookstore project report in php