News Portal Project In PHP


News Portal Project in PHP |and News Portal System Project in PHP and MySQL with Document

Project Video

In the whole world everyone reads news, everyone wants to know what is happening in the country and world. But now in the busy world almost no one has time to prefer newspapers to read, people read news digitally through news portal sites. It is a great idea to make a project on a news portal. Provide projects in many languages like:- PHP, My SQL, java, python,  dot net, matlab, etc with the both paid and free versions. Provide a complete video, documents, and source code to learn and understand about the project to know how to do, what to do, and what is new and unique in this project (contact details, live news, categories dashboard, etc.). But if a programmer has some new and attractive ideas to add to the project, they can easily edit it and make it according to them which can also help to improve skill. 

You might think there are already many news portal systems available but if you are a programmer (beginners or experienced) have to try to do more projects “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” to make software new and unique it will definitely help in the growth of career. Provide full support and guidance. Provide 24*7 chat assistance to help and also try to communicate with the editorial team through email. 

All the best

Price of each source code is 1000 Rs
Live Hosting price is 1000 Rs

Email for project source code [email protected]

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