Medical Store Management System Project In Python

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Medical Store Management System Project In Python With Source Code

You should be thankful for the internet technology that has made many wonders in the field of shopping. You can buy a variety of products such as food, clothes, furniture, vehicles, cosmetics, and practically any such that people were buying physically before by visiting a shop. The usage of the online medical store is also gaining huge importance. People are searching for medicines as prescribed by doctors online to save their time and money. There are several benefits of buying medicines through online means-

Cost Comparison:

You should know the fact that medicines of the different brands have a decent price difference. Any medical store will provide you medicines from such a company in which they have a good margin on the sale. But online there is no more restriction for you and you can now select such medicines and other equipment at prices that suit you the best. Sometimes it also happens that any particular store has run out of stock of your required medicines and you have to wait for the stock to come, but through online browsing, you will surely get your medicines from one site or another.


This is the other advantage of buying medicines online. People who are leading a busy life often do not have time to visit any particular medical store, for them such an online method of ordering medicines is a blessing. The same case goes for the elder persons who are unable to reach the medical store as they have lost the ability to travel alone; such methods are also advantageous for them. Another advantage is that you can save yourself from sticking into a long queue and wait for hours to get your required medicines.

 All you have to do is to choose a trustable website by going through its public reviews and start purchasing the medicines online to save time and your hard-earned money. But apart from this there are some of the factors that you need to take care while using the services of online medical store-

  • All the cheap medicines may not be good
  • These companies may sell your personal details for money
  • It is important to choose a reputed online store.

About the Project:

This is an efficient python-based project that allows customers to buy any medical product online in the comfort of their homes. 

At customer level:

All you have to do as a customer to complete the registration process which consists of-

  1. Username
  2. First name
  3. Last name
  4. Email address
  5. Mobile Number
  6. Password
  7. And Confirm password

After completing the registration process you can browse categories of products that you are looking for. You can also visit home, my orders, my cart. After selecting a particular product you can add to the cart, enter the address where you want the product to be delivered, and complete the payment procedure. After a few days the product will be delivered to your home.

As an Admin:

As an admin, your task is also easy to add any product to your online medical store. login-in as admin. You can view the products that are already entered and can also edit the details as per your requirement. To add new product you have to press “add new product”

Then you have to fill in the details of the product such as product name, product description, price of product, old price, image of the product,availability of the product, category, subcategory of the product, and then save the changes. After filling up all the details you can save the details and your product will be ready for sale on the website

Medical Store Management System Project In Python
Medical Store Management System Project In Python