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Optical Goggles Frame Online Website With Source Code

These days apart from groceries, electronics, medicines people are also interested in buying optical goggles online. People are now moving towards the digital era and have increased their trust. You should also have to be aware of the fact that these things are very important in the way you choose them. Choosing the wrong material or lens or wrong size can damage your eyes and also can give you head pains.

 It is necessary to verify the quality of both the lens and frame and then order them. Some lenses are costlier than the others but they give you more durability and are of high quality So it is vital to choose a high quality and good revived website for purchasing such delicate products.

Benefits of Shopping Goggles Online:

There are several advantages of buying these goggles online-

  • A person gets a variety of collections of goggles through surfing on different websites.
  • He gets plenty of information without leaving his office or home and so it saves time.
  • He gat familiar with wide ranges of style, colors, and accessories that he would not know if he visited a local market
  • As per the consumer data analysis on online goggles shopping a person can save 40% of the money if he buys lens and frames products online.

Apart from this, there are certain cons that you need to save yourself while buying such products online

  1.   You are unable to try any glass, it is just done on an estimated basis
  2.   The returning process is difficult

About the Project:

Optical Goggles Frame Online Website is a python-based project from which customers buy optical items such as frames and lenses online.

As a User or Customer:

 As a consumer or user of this website you have to complete the simple sign-up process which consists of the normal username, email, password, and other credentials.

After completing the sign-up process, log-in to your account and now you can browse categories of all the optical items that you are planning to buy. You can even compare the old rates and the current rate offered. You can also visit sections such as home, my transactions, and my cart to review your purchase history. In payment option you can pay through any options such as 

  • Paytm
  • Debit card
  • Net banking 
  • Bhim Upi

 After selecting a particular product and its quantity you can press, enter your name and the address with the pin code where you need the product delivery, and choose any one option from pay at delivery or online modes. After a few days (depends on availability and distance location) the product will be received to your desired location.

As an admin-

You can easily add or delete the products as an admin part as the navigation is great and easy to do so. As an admin you can manage(add or change) the following labels

  • Groups and users in authentication and authorization section
  • Shopcarts in buyer section
  • Buy orders, sliders, user address, user notification, and user profiles in e-commerce section
  • Manage categories, products, and sub categories in seller section
You can easily add any new product by filling up the following details such as-
  1. Product name
  2. Product description
  3. Product price
  4. Product old price(as a reference)
  5. Product image
  6. Product availability
  7. Category
  8. Sub category