Grocery Store Management System Project In Python

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Grocery Store (Kirana Dukaan) E-commerce with Source Code

Due to busy schedules and stressful full life people often take purchasing groceries as a headache as they have no time to do shopping in stores. But one cannot neglect them as they are essential for any home and no one can survive without such items. For such people the introduction of online e-commerce of groceries has proved quite useful. People can now select their favorite items from their office and home and order them to be delivered at home. Apart from this, there are several other benefits of such online grocery shopping.

Advantages of Shopping Groceries Online:
  • You can order such groceries any time of the day (24*7)
  • Delivery is direct at your home
  • You can choose a particular time-slot of the day when you are free to collect your delivery
  • Such stores offer fresh products that usually have no complaint issues
  • You will be informed about the best prices, discounts, and launching of any new product

You are saved from problems such as crowds, parking, and queues that you have to deal with while buying the products at the stores physically.

Apart from this, it is important to select a standard e-commerce website that has been satisfying its customers. You can get all this knowledge from reading the online reviews of their customers. Also, make sure that the site you choose is easy to navigate and does rely much on the advertisements. Some sites are difficult to navigate which makes the shopping of products difficult, so avoid such sites.

One of the problems is some websites offer comparatively high delivery charges or hidden charges. They may lure you with their discounted or cheap price but may incur several service and high delivery charges to cover up their losses. You should also note that in major festivals like Diwali, and Holi such products are even delayed to be delivered. So if you want to save your money try to save yourself from these festival seasons. 

Buying things virtually often loses its importance in case of fruits and vegetables, and foodgrains when we cannot have access to touch and feel the products and assure their freshness. 

Taking into consideration the economical factor. Such modern digital measures of shopping online and centralized distribution systems have affected the profit of local farmers, shop owners, who used to sell the products for their living. Now they rarely have some chances to survive as people are turning towards this western culture. It will be better if this website collaborates with them to make their life easier.

About the project- 

Online grocery shop is a python-based project that permits customers to purchase grocery items (Kirana items) online. The project is designed in such a manner that it is quite easy to log on and select the products that you may need to purchase.

At Customer Level:

You can easily navigate throughout the site after an easy sign- up process. After searching for a particular product you can choose from the available range of products along with the reviews of that particular product given by consumers. After selecting one or more products you can add them to cart after which you will ask to enter your name, address, and then you will be taken to the payment option page where you can opt for any one option from the two(pay at delivery or online). 

At Admin Level:

 In case of the admin side you will also find such an easy to use control panel that is easy to configure, add or delete products and customize because the product code is supplied along with the project. You can add any product by filling up a form in “add product section” where you can see-

  1. Title
  2. Category
  3. Ratings
  4. Image
  5. Price 
  6. Description of the product

You can also choose to customize the options such as account, view, item, list on the left side of the screen.

Grocery Store Management System Project In Python with source code
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