Hostel management system project in PHP

Project on hostel management System

Students, businessman, workers, nomadic, travelers, tourists and other individuals go to other places due to various reasons i.e. study, work, meetings, visits, conferences, medical, pilgrimage, business meetings, tourism or traveling etc. they need a place where they can stay for a longer time without worrying about safety, food, security and also economics.

Hostel management system project in PHP

Hostels are the best place for fulfilling above criteria like safety, security, food etc. with affordable prices. As so many  students and other individuals stayed in hostels with different purposes, managing all of them while maintaining business is not an easy task.

To resolved problems faced by hostels as well as consumers or individuals who wanted to book a place for them one can look for “The hostel management system” project which was developed on php and mysql, will help hostels in maintaining or managing all the work systematically online; which was previously performed manually.

The hostel management project which is developed in php basically operates in two modules, one for admin and other for users. In the following segment we are going to discuss the features and functions in both of the modules one by one.

Admin Module

Features for admin in Hostel management system project are given below :

  • authentic user id and password.
  • secure login process.
  • maintain booking.
  • add / delete facilities
  • change / update user profile and password.

User Module

Features for users in hostel management system are following below :

  • secure login system for users.
  • can update the profile and password of the account.
  • see hostel details i.e. rooms, building, location etc.
  • book a hostel online.
  • easy and secure payment gateway.

One can download this project from webdigitalweb website by following the steps given below :

 go to the wedigitalweb website.

 search the project by using the search tab given on the homepage of web digital web.

  •  click on the project to view its features.
  •  click on the download button given on the top of the page.
  •  fill the details like; name, contact no, email etc.
  •  submit the application.
  • Pay the amount.

After following all the steps mentioned above one will get a download link on their email address; by clicking on it you can download the project easily.