How to submit an article for publication in a journal


Scholars and other academics often look for journals that publish articles for free. Research scholars, mainly students, seek platforms where they can publish their research work without any charges. As there are many websites available today that would help in finding journals that publish articles for free but getting a reliable platform is still a reason that makes scholars abstain from publishing.

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How to publish a research paper without professor

Scholars, looking for reputed international journals that publish articles for free, often encounter difficulties in getting published without any processing fees. There are many reasons for getting rejected from publication in an international journal. In this segment one will know the common mistakes that usually occur while preparing manuscript for the journal publication. By the end of the blog, one will know how to prepare a manuscript for journals that publish articles for free. 

How to prepare manuscript for the journals that publish articles for free 

Following are the points that help scholars preparing research papers for the journals publishing articles free of charge.

Title – whoever is going to review or read the research paper the first thing they notice is the title of the manuscript. A title should be unique and connected to the research area at the same time. It should not be too long or too short as it impacts the readership of the article so choose wisely.

Abstract – One of the common mistakes that scholars do unknowingly is not writing abstract properly. An abstract helps readers/ reviewers to know whether the research paper is related to their research area or not. It saves their time and prevents them from reading  time consuming  articles which are unrelated to their field. Writing an abstract that provides an overview of the research paper would be helpful for everyone reading the manuscript. It should not be too long, write precisely and be easy to understand.

Previous work – One should discuss the basic work and inspiration they got to do the research on the topic. Writing about the previous work with references shows that the research is groudable and worth the time of the reviewer. 

Content – Content of the research paper should be presentable and easy to understand. People usually think that using unknown words will make their work outstanding but in reality it works differently. Sometimes reviewers avoid papers that use utopian words just to save their time. So making the content of the manuscript as soothing as you can would be helpful in getting acceptance for publication in an international journal.

using hard words  deciding whether the manuscript is applicable for them or not. knowing them, one can avoid the same and prepare the manuscript To resolve this issue one can rely on this blog to know the list of journals that publish articles for free. 

 list of journals that publish articles for free.

If a journal provides open access to its databases then scholars, academicians and other individuals that are seeking research papers or articles to begin their research journey can be will help basic knowledge of the research areas one can opt for A scholar needs a reliable source where all the databases related to the research can be accessible easily