What Are The Different Types Of Networking

Two Type Of Networking –



We use it in big companies, here we need a lot of security. EX – Bank, Railway etc.


We use it on small security like – Office, cybercafe, Home etc. The security level of this network is low.


  • SERVER 2000
  • SERVER 2003
  • SERVER 2008
  • SERVER 2012

Computer network Area –

  1. LAN- Local Area Network
  2. PAN- Personal Area Network
  3. MAN – Metropolitan Area Network
  4. WAN- Wide Area Network
  5. CAN – Campus Area Network
  6. SAN – Small Area Network

LAN- Local Area Network

Within this network, we can make Area up to 50-60 fit. It is used to prepare the building and office network.

PAN- Personal Area Network

This area is used to create a small network or to create a personal network. Through this area, we can create a personal area network by attaching computers from one computer to another.

MAN – Metropolitan Area Network

In this area, between 50 to 500 K/M is used, through this network we can connect one city to another city.

WAN- Wide Area Network

We use this area to connect a large network, its range can be up to 1000 – millions of kilometres, through this area we can connect country to country.

CAN – Campus Area Network

We use this area to create a network in a campus. Such as – School Campus, Hostel Campus Hotel Campus

SAN – Small Area Network

Use of SAN in short or in other words, it is called Small Area network by connecting your own computer to a printer or scanner.

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