Blood Bank Management System Mini Project Source Code

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Blood banks play an important or key role in managing all the work and activities needed to provide blood. A blood bank mostly works in processing of collecting blood from donors, arranging of blood types, blood groups, organizing blood camps etc.

The blood management system project is a mini project which is developed using php. It will help blood banks in managing information of donors, availability of blood groups, request for blood donation or need of blood, approve requests for blood, stock of blood by adding, updating or deleting.

Benefits of blood bank management project

The benefits of Blood bank software projects can be categorized in two modules.

  • Admin Module
  • User Module


  • Secure login process.
  • Can categorize blood types and groups.
  • Add information about blood donation camps.
  • Approve or delete blood donation requests.
  • Share information with needy people for blood donation.
  • Add donors.


  • Make a Request for blood donation.
  • Register themselves as a donor.
  • Be updated about availability of blood.
  • Find donors.

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