SEO Training in Bhopal


We are experts in providing SEO training to students, corporate companies, business persons, educational institutes, and various other organizations. We provide the best SEO training in Bhopal that even a beginner can easily grab the fundamentals of SEO.

These days knowledge of SEO is important if you want to show your business online and increase your service area. Students can also learn SEO and begin a successful career in this field. Our SEO training is designed n such a manner that all topics related to SEO and Digital marketing are covered sequentially.

Our SEO training mainly focuses on the White HAT SEO techniques which cover both the ON-Page and OFF page SEO techniques which are essential for improving the Search results rank of any website. Through our SEO training, you will be able to drive organic traffic to your website which will save your hard-earned money that goes to paid marketing campaigns of Google. Our SEO training in Bhopal Syllabus includes-

OUR SEO Training Syllabus
  1. Introduction to search engine
  2. Crawling and indexing of sites
  3. About Google Updates
  4. What is SEO and need for SEO
  5. About Organic/inorganic traffic
  6. Types of SEO(black, white grey)
  7. Techniques of SEO(ON,OFF)
  8. Keyword research for finding the best keyword
  9. Tools (adwords, alexa, etc)
  10. Density of Keywords
  11. ON PAGE SEO in Detail
  12. OFF page SEO in detail
  13. About Google search console, Google Analytics, and Webmaster tool and its usage
  14. How to Launch a PPC Campaign


  1. Facebook marketing
  2. Instagram marketing
  3. Bulk SMS Marketing
  4. Bulk E-mail Marketing
SEO Training format:
  • Regular
  • Weekend
  • Fast track 5 days SEO course
SEO Training duration:

 15 – 20 classes regular course (1 hr each)

SEO Training fees:
  • Weekend Regular SEO Training = 2500Rs
  • Regular SEO Training = 3000Rs
  • Fast Track 5 days SEO Course= 2000
SEO Training content:
  • Word documents
  • Excel sheets
  • Video lessons
  • PDF lessons
  • Powerpoint presentations
What you will learn in SEO Training :
  • Basics search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Creating effective page title tags.
  • Creating an effective & optimized META description tag.
  • Creating an effective & optimized META keywords tag.
  • How to research & select appropriate keywords to reach the targeted audience
  • How to successfully place search keywords within your website content.
  • How to optimize each page of your web site step-by-step to achieve better page rank
  • Importance search engines & directories.
  • Submitting your site to important and relevant search directories.
  • Submitting your site to crawler-based search engines.
  • In-depth knowledge of what search engines consider to be “spam”.
  • Web design elements to make your website search engine compatible.
  • How to monitor your search rankings & site traffic of your website

SEO Training in Bhopal is for-

  • Students
  • Corporate
  • Businessman
  • Marketing Executives
  • Owner of E-commerce Site
  • Website Designers

If you want to have a good knowledge of SEO and online marketing, call us today and receive the best SEO training in Bhopal. Our trainers will provide you education with convenience, in an environment that suits you best.

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