PHP and MySQL projects with source code

Know the Best Place Where You Can Find PHP and MySQL Projects

No doubt that the PHP language is spreading rapidly in IT industries and on the web today. This compels the student to make a PHP and MySQL Project in their major or minor projects to gain the fundamentals of this language.

Qualities of a Good PHP developer

A good PHP developer should know all the basics of a PHP and MySQL Project and should be able to run, execute and understand the functionality of the language and its code. The particular developer should also know the popular framework of PHP such as Symphony, Zend, CodeIgniter, Yiii, Laravel and normal basic knowledge such as-

  1. MySQL and SQL database
  2. C, C++, or C#
  3. HTML and CSS
  4. Knowledge of Javascript
  5. Control systems knowledge
  6. Working knowledge of CMMS such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla
  7. Fundamental of OOPS- object-oriented programming

A good PHP developer should also have the capabilities of testing and finding the fault in a particular website. But as a student, you need not have to worry as gaining all the above skills takes some time and one should calmly understand all the above parameters.

Where You Can Find PHP and MySQL Projects

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