Hotel Booking App Android Studio

Download Hotel Booking App For Android With Source code

The major goal of everyone belonging to the hotel industry is to rent more rooms to make the maximum profit. Without the online booking system, it was difficult to maintain the flow of booking as it was difficult to capture the attention of customers physically towards the hotel rooms.

As a customer, this online booking will help you to browse through various hotels and rooms that are available in the city. Some hotels have also attached pictures of their room which makes any customer more comfortable before paying the rent or confirming their booking. People can now also browse according to their budget and choose the best option which lies within their budget.

Hotel Booking App Android Studio

They also become aware of the latest discounts, and additional services like a free meal, free pick-up cab, etc through this online portal. Apart from this, even the hotel owners have several advantages due to the introduction of such online booking apps.

Advantages of Online Booking of Hotels:

This online booking platform works twenty-four hours every day. You are no longer to depend on any physical marketer who shall work for only 8 hours a day. Due to this expanded time duration, one has more chances to rent their rooms and such an online platform has proved this.

Online booking has reduced the tension of the staff and they can now easily concentrate to cater the needs of the customers and maintain their hotel rooms and improve its glory to get better reviews from customers.

Such online tools are efficient and any hotel owner can easily keep track of the status of the room and can manage the prices of the room according to his wish. He can also get some idea of what is the taste of the guest and can focus accordingly to raise his profit. 

Through an online platform, it is easier to sell their offers, pictures of their luxurious room, and any add-on services they would like to offer to their customers. Another advantage of the online booking system is that one can know that the guest has booked a room but has canceled his booking or has not shown up. So the owner can rent those rooms to other customers as it will be displayed on the app.

Payments transactions are easier and faster and one does not have to depend on the receptionist to take care of every check-in and check-out guest as now you can keep the track of transactions with such online apps. And also in case of booking cancellation, you can deduct some amount and return the remaining money to customers through this app. In short, such an online reservation system has reduced the workload of the hotel manager, owner, and staff and helped in the smooth running of the business.

Hotel Booking Apps for Android

This is a genuine and efficient app that is suitable for both as a customer and as an owner. One can easily sign-in to the app by using his e-mail id and password. An administrator can also easily add a room; add new guests, remove the room, guest, and can even keep track of booking history. The portal also gives easy access to manage room type, name, acc. Type, room rates, and current date availability. 

Hotel Booking App Android Studio