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Directory submission is a process of submitting your website URL and its detail on the web in a directory that too under a particular category. This is one of the ways to improve your link building. Directory submission is an OFF page SEO strategy that helps to optimize the web pages of your website.

A Directory submission site is same as a telephone directory. The only difference is that is that instead of phone numbers one has to submit the website link in different directory according to the category in which their website belongs.

There are different categories of websites in the directory submission site list and you have to enter your website in the relevant category only. For example, if your site is related to health then you have to submit your site under the health category which will help you to get back links from them. There are three types of directory submission sites

  • Featured or Paid Web Listing- In this the owner site charge you for submission
  • Free or regular Web listing- the Directory submission is free here
  • Reciprocal Regular Web listing- IN this a reciprocal link must be submitted in your site only then the directory administrator will approve your link

Directory entry of your website is quite essential to improve the SEO of your website.

Process of Directory Submission

  1. Open the Directory Submission Website
  2. Do the necessary Sign-up process
  3. Click on add button to enter your website
  4. The list of various categories will be displayed choose your relevant business category
  5. Enter your website address, business name, E-mail, and other details that are asked
  6. Click on submit

It is essential that one has to enter their website in such directories that have higher DA/PA and also in the relevant business option to follow a successful SEO strategy. We Web Digital Web provide you with Free Directory Submission Sites that have high DA/PA which will certainly boost your website up in Google search results. We have a collection of both free and paid directories.

The Directory submission sites we offer will help you a lot to boost the ranking of your website and will help you gain the targeted traffic also. Apart from these advantages these directories will help you to boost your ranking in Google search results. Here are some of the top directories with high page rank-


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