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Nowadays, artificial intelligence is very famous because many sectors like healthcare, finance, manufacturing industries, security check, etc. use artificial intelligence applications to speed up the process of work and minimize human error and it does work continuously, without tiring but of course still need humans to set up the systems. In this article, mentioned below are a few projects of artificial intelligence mini projects with source code which is based on all beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. 

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The artificial intelligence industry is highly competitive, if you want to become an expert in this field have to take continuous learning and do more practice/projects by yourself. We provide all the projects with source code and video. Surely these videos and source code will help to learn and if you want to edit some new features you can edit them. We provide both free and paid versions of videos. Also, provide chat assistance for queries. There are many mini projects that can help beginners learn. Just take an example to understand how artificial intelligence works. Like, sentimental detection can detect human sentiments like a person is sad, happy, tired, frustrated, angry, etc. This can be done by a machine easily because priory is trained by mathematical codes. 

Artificial Intelligence Mini Projects
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