what is link building in SEO

It is a process of creating, building, and promoting a website through one way, two ways, and three ways linking. In search engine optimization or organic optimization, it is helpful in gaining more and more links from one site to another. Online opens unlimited and virtually free possibilities for you; however, there are some conditions that make links submission more relevant in organic optimization in various service engines like Google, Microsoft MSN, and Yahoo. How does links submission work for your business, attracting leads, potential customers, employees, vendors to boost your return on your investment? 

The link building services are of two types :

  • Inbound links to your website
  • Outbound links to your website

Where you can find to look for links:

  • Personal Contacts
  • Directories
  • Social News websites
  • Social Media Sites
  • University Sites
  • Government Sites
  • The Blogosphere
  • Professional Contacts