What is black hat SEO and white hat SEO

The black hat SEO technique which is against Google guideline or police is call black hat SEO.


Black hat seo means the is perform to deceive search engine.

Techniques used black hat SEO

  • Paid backlinks
  • Duplicate content
  • Spin content
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Hiding content or backlink
  • HIDDEN links
  • Link spam
  • Clocking
  • Comment spamming
  • Doorway Pages
  1. Paid backlinks– the website provides backlink buy taking money. a paid backlink that is the black hat SEO.
  2. Comment spamming–  comment writing is used but the same content was used on every blog do not make comment on the irrelevant blogs.
What is white hat SEO

white hat SEO flow guide line of search engine. White hat SEO is a slow process but it provides long-lasting growth in ranking.

What is gray hat SEO

Gray hat SEO combination of white hat and black hat SEO. EX 30% black hat SEO And 70% White Hat SEO

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