Simple IoT Project for Beginners with Source Code

If you are a student who just started their college or maybe are in the second year of their bachelors, having engineering background and off course majoring in computer science or data science then you are certainly aware of what projects are? Every student related to engineering and computer science streams have to submit the projects at the end of the semester; due to that they have to work and prepare some projects in the given field to get better scores in those particular subjects and get an above hand on practical knowledge as well. Apart from that individuals from other fields who are interested in this field can also seek help to start their career in this stream and take a small step towards the new beginning. 

What is IoT?

The full form of iot is ‘internet of things’. Iot is nothing but connecting material objects or things via the internet to do things conveniently. It can be a software, machine, speeding the process of something, adaptability, sensors and other technologies that provide or supply assistance in exchanging data with one another through the internet. In other words connecting or creating a link between the object or things like – device, gadget, machine etc through the internet for users to utilise these objects conveniently without expertise in that field or knowing the science behind how it is done.

As we all know and experience how the internet of things actively contributes in providing more convenient things and objects that are helping us move towards the easier and faster way of doing things since last decade. Before iot concept, no one had imagined their work can be done just by clicking or switching on the button.

Iot has created many sensational products and things in almost every field that are related to human beings. Whether it is home, offices, industries, health, communication, transportation or services; more or less every sector is under the coverage of iot and those that are not in till now will be soon associating with it.

 As it is understood that the future is heightening with the more possibilities and opportunities in the field of internet of things, so why should not take a small step towards the enlarging and aspiring field to gain benefit from it.

In this blog we are going to share some simple iot projects for beginners with source code so that they can not only have theoretical knowledge but also have experience in experimental and practical knowledge. Because in the end they are going to work for someone or for themselves; so having experience in practical knowledge would boost the chances of getting hired easily and makes you superior to others.

It is perceived that many students have the theoretical or conceptual idea of their project but they are lacking in the execution part and some of them have no idea where to begin. So, individuals like this can seek help from the various sites and platforms who make and distribute projects for beginners to help them understand the logic behind their system. Project tunnel is one of those platforms which provides minor to major projects for students and other individuals with their source codes so that they can utilise it in their project submission

  1. IOT Network Lifespan Expansion
  2. IOT Devices Energy Optimization
  3. IOT Packet Routing
  4. IOT Based Electric Load Balancing
  5. Under Water IOT Network Optimization
  6. Coal Mine IOT Network Optimization
  7. IOT Based Drone Monitoring Network optimization
  8. IOT Network Spectrum Optimization
  9. Disaster Management by IOT Devices
  10. Industry Gas Alarming by IOT Devices
  11. AIR Pollution Monitoring System Optimization
  12. Weather Reporting Device Routing
  13. Agriculture Machinery Monitoring by IOT Network
  14. Agriculture Crop Production Prediction
  15. Weather and Environment Based Crop yield Prediction
  16. Traffic Management IOT Device Routing
  17. IOT Based Health Monitoring and Prediction
  18. Flood Monitoring and Alarming System
  19. Renewable Energy utilization System by Smart Grid
  20. Mountain Climber Health Alarming System
  21. Smart Parking System Optimization
  22. House Appliances Energy Utilization
  23. IOT Garbage Collector Optimization System
  24. IOT Based ECG Monitoring and Alarming
  25. IOT Biometric Attendance System (Retina / Fingerprint)
  26. IOT Based Street Light Monitoring Optimization
  27. Many project List Here