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Know the Importance and Perfect Ways PHP project with documentation

Along with the project submissions, many of the institutes also ask the students to submit PHP projects with documentation. Every student becomes frustrated in writing documentation as they do not have their basics clear regarding ways to write documentation for PHP and SQL projects. Here are some of the parameters that you can consider to make your task easier.

How to write PHP project with documentation effectively:
  • For the documentation part of your project, it is necessary to write the document code of the project in “phpdoc syntax”. This is because a majority of the IDE’s and available tools are supported by this particular syntax. Many of such versions also comes with an inbuilt library and has several defined custom tags. All these facilities make your task easier
  • While completing your documentation, whatever comes to your mind regarding the project mention it before you forget it. Many students plan to write informative project documentation but forget to write important points while writing. It is better to plan your content and note it down somewhere to make effective documentation of your PHP and MYSQL projects
  • Never repeat the information in the documentation. For example, if you have shown a flow diagram in the document then explain the whole diagram there itself. By this, you can increase the readability of your project documentation. It will also be best if you make your friends read your documentation and ask them what they understand about your project after reading it.
  • Following all the above tips you can successfully complete PHP project with documentation and will get good grades at your academics.

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