Machine learning projects for final year students

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In this segment of the article we are going to take an overview on the uses of machine learning technology in the present scenario. There are various sectors where machine learning technology is used by developers to edge their workload and keep an eye on minute details to improve in a well or sophisticated manner. The uses of machine learning are as follows :

Social media platforms – the modern time is also known as social media time. Almost everyone around the globe is using at least one kind of social site from the numerous platforms available today like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, you tube, Reddit, flicker etc. Sometimes you may be surprised by the ads and suggestions you get on the various social media platforms used by you. In those suggestions they show us the similar products or things that we search or talk about. Apart from that on social sites we get friends’ suggestions and other things that are more similar to our interest; This is  all done by the algorithms used by the developers to train the machines.

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Speech recognition technology – there are various fields in which AI and ML technology do commendable work through their gadgets and appliances. At present there is not a single person out there who doesn’t know about virtual assistants like alexa, siri, cortana, bixby and google assistant etc. all of these virtual assistants or ai system are possible because of the ML technology.

Detection of Spam messages – advanced technologies like AI and ML helps in detecting the spam messages one gets on their emails and other platforms. They categorized it separately so that we don’t have to face any problem in receiving or arranging important mails.

Surveillance  system – sometime ago when there are no sources available to get hands on real time situations brace out people who are convicted in malicious activities. Now due to the AI and ML technologies we can get a hold on the surveillance of those people by video surveillance systems and other devices that help cops and other individuals in monitoring things and building a secure space for them.