How To Start A Blog

Here I will introduce you to the basic steps that you will have to take to start a blog, and will try to answer the questions that arise in the mind of any new blogger. Like I had raised this question and the first question that arises in the mind of any new blogger is how to blog?

How To Start A Blog – Learn In 5 Easy Steps

You want to write on many topics but the first problem that comes up is how to start a blog. To start any type of blog you need to take some simple steps given below:

  • Choosing a Blogging Platform
  •   Registering a domain (website) name and taking a hosting service
  •   Setting up a blog
  •   Blog design
  •   Writing an article that is useful to others

Now I will explain each step in detail and further we will also know how to choose the topic of the blog, how to increase the readership of the blog and how to earn from your blog, etc.

First Step – Choosing A Blogging Platform

To start a blog, you need a platform or a tool that helps to put your article on the Internet.

You will find many blogging platforms but without any confusions I would say that you should use WordPress because WordPress is the most popular platform in the world and the biggest thing –

  • It’s free
  • Easy to use
  • Is for many years and is a secure platform

Many designers, developers are associated with it, who help to make the website customized.

It Is Important To Mention Here That WordPress Offers Two Types Of Options –
  • – You can create a free website on it. But it also keeps .wordpress with your website name because your website is hosted on their domain.
  • – Everything is in your hands and you can design your website using all the tools but you have to buy your domain name and hosting for the website.

My advice is that you go with because it will give you more control on your website and more opportunities for earning from the website.

The Second Step – Registering The Domain Name And Hosting Service

The next step is to register a name for your blog like my blog name is Every blog has its own domain. We will know in detail in a separate post on how to choose a domain name. Here I will briefly explain what to keep in mind while choosing a domain name-

  • Easy to read, speak and remember
  • Should be different and tell about your website
  •   Choosing a domain with good keywords can give good ranking in Google

Choosing a domain name is not very expensive but for this you will have to spend some money. I love Godaddy for domain names because its console is easy and it is very easy to manage domain names. also provides a good service as far as registering names is another matter that it is also cheaper. The second way is to take the domain name from the one you are hosting, which is usually free with hosting.

For hosting, I suggest that you look at Bluehost, whose standard hosting is 289 rupees a month. I suggest you compare both and before taking what will be suitable for you and after that decide.

To start a blog, another cheap and good hosting service can also be taken from Hostgator. This service starts at just Rs 142 / month (with promotional coupon) and you get a world class service.

Another hosting service which is quite good is Inmotion Hosting. Here you get a domain name free with hosting and in one click WordPress is installed on your website.

I host this website on mddhosting and I am very happy with their speed and other features.

The Third Step – Setting Up The Blog

Setting up a blog has become very easy nowadays and you can set up the website with just a click of the mouse. I will post a separate detail on this, in which I will tell each step in sequence how easy it is to setup a website.

Fourth Step – Blog Design

Nowadays many different themes are available for your website which make your website attractive. In the beginning you can start with free themes but if you can spend a little money, then I would say that you should choose a premium theme that will give you more convenience in creating a website and will also be more secure.

Step Five – Writing An Article That Is Useful To Others

It is very important for any blog to give useful information to its readers. Just by writing anything to write, neither your readers will be happy nor Google chef who always keep an eye on your blog. Only your good article can get you a good ranking in Google.

I hope you find this article useful and you too are desperate to start blogging. Do give me your suggestions and comments so that I can help you in a better way.

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