How To Earn Money From Blog

The first question that arises for any blogger is how do we make money from our blog. In this article, I will mention some basic steps which are usually taken by all the bloggers and make blogging a source of income.

What To Do To Earn Money From Blog –
  • Set up your blog
  • Start writing a good article
  • Find readers for your blog
  • Communicate with readers
  • Earn money from blog

These steps may seem easy to read, but at every step you will have to work hard, only then you will be able to create a successful blog. Now I will tell you what you have to do at every step so that you can earn from your blog.

1. Set Up Your Blog

The first step for any blogger is that they create their own blog, but the problem of most people is that they stop at this step. Especially for those who are not in the technical field, all this seems a disaster. But do not be disappointed because I had the same condition which is yours.

To help you in this direction, I have written an article “How to start a blog” which you can read.

Be confident that once you start, it will not be as difficult to do all this as you are feeling now.

Read this article to know more about starting a blog –

2. Start Writing A Good Article

A blog is of no use until you start writing something on it. So after setting up the blog, you have to concentrate on writing good and useful articles. On which subject you write, it depends on what your blog is about, you have to focus on this. Those who have good blogs understand the needs of their readers and write useful articles for them.

Always keep in mind that you have to provide content that solves the problems of your readers and makes their lives easier. The trust of readers should be on you that you understand them only then you can go and earn from your blog later.

3. Find Readers For Your Blog

The more important is to write useful content in your blog, the more important it is to promote it. Many bloggers have the impression that if they write good useful content then the readers will automatically come, but it is not so, if you want readers then it is very important to promote your blog.

Make it clear here that you have to find the reader and not the traffic.

There are many ways to promote a blog such as using SEO (search engine optimization), promoting on social media, etc.

I will elaborate on all these methods later. You have to keep in mind what kind of readers you want on your blog and for this you can also make a list that-

  • What top 3 blogs do they read
  • Which top 3 forums can they be found in
  • Which top 3 social networks do they appear on?
  • Which top 3 people do they follow
  • What top 3 podcasts do they listen to

Now you know where you will get readers, then just what is the delay, then you start communicating with them. You give your comments, answer questions or write a guest post for someone.

Remember, the key to your success is that you have to help and solve the problems of others.

4. Communicate With Readers

Once you started writing useful articles for readers and started searching for readers, then slowly you will see that readers have started coming to your blog. It is a pleasant feeling when you see the fruits of your hard work.

Now at this time you have to focus on that readers who are reading your blog, you should communicate with them and create a community.

Talk to them, solve their problem and make every effort that they come to your blog again and again.

Take care of your readers because these readers will make your blog accessible to others and will help you to earn from the blog

5. Make Money From Blog

You should keep in mind that before earning your blog, you have to pay attention to the four steps mentioned earlier.

Once you are determined, then you will surely kiss the success step and do not get disappointed because many people like me and me are with you.

If you pay full attention to all the steps mentioned above, then no one can stop you from earning from your blog.

But just by taking all these steps, you will start earning from the blog. It is not that you will have to constantly strive for it, you will have to adopt different methods and experiment with who is getting success.

Some Of The Ways To Earn From A Blog Are –
  • Affiliate marketing
  • advertising
  • Courses / E-Books / Training
  • Physical product
  • other ways

In all these ways, you can earn from your blog. I will discuss these in detail in other articles.

I hope that this article will prove useful in the journey of earning from your blog. Subscribe to share your journey with me and if you want any help from me then do write.

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