How To Create Robots.Txt File

A Robots.txt file gives instruction to the search engine about your website content related information. It includes codes which instruct to search engine about those parts of your site you don’t want accessed by search engine crawlers. By the Robots.txt file you can also tell to the search engine, what you want to allow to indexing to their search engine crawlers. It is very important file of our website, If a wrong code entered by mistake in Robots.txt file, then search engines will ignore your website from the search. So be careful when you edit this file.

How to create or edit Robots.txt file?

Robots.txt file for editing on Word Press, you have two ways-

  1. Plungin
  2. Via Cpanel

Edit with Plugin-

Their are several plugin available on WordPress with which you can easily edit this file- Multipart robots.txt editor,   DL Robots.txt and also Yoast Seo Plugin. So why we use others and Increase server load. if you already have Yoast Seo Plugin then you can easily create or edit Robots.txt file with Yoast Seo Plugin-

Go to Network Admin Dashboard-

Now Click on Edit Files option in SEO.

Now enter your code in box then Click on save changes to Robots.txt button to making changes.

Edit Robots.txt file via Cpanel

Login to your Cpanel Dashboard.

  • Find “File Manager” option & click on this.
  • File Manager Directory Selection box appear. Now Choose Document Root for option radio button. After this click on Go Button.
  • Now, a new tab will open automatically. Right click on the Robots.txt file and select Edit options.
  • Text Editor box appear simply click on Edit button to edit file.
  • Enter or paste your code in Robots.txt file.
  • Then click the Save button.

Read this with clear Picture detail-

  • How to Edit .htaccess file with Cpanel

If you don’t see any robots.txt file in root directory of your WordPress site then create with robots.txt generator or notepad and after this upload Robots.txt file into the root directory of  your WordPress site.

for example you can see my robots.txt file- >>Click here<<. This just an example please don’t use this with your website.

For any type of problem and suggestions please type in the comment box.

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