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The best approach when running online businesses over the Internet is to concentrate on the direct quality and More traffic towards your Web site. In order to do the same, there are some tricks and webmaster tools that can be done and some rules of thumb for SEO that must be taken into account. Always take active participation in the online internet marketing and web promotion of your website, Please Don’t sit on the back seat and never imagine that your website will draw relevant traffic all by itself so use some webmaster tools. If you don’t know about web design and web development skills, this matters not too much. You much concentrate on ROI to increase your profitability.

Webmaster Tips 
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1. ODP, Free, Paid and Reciprocal Directory Submission

A. Take a Look Over DMOZ There’s a new Sheriff in town and his name is … MasterMOZ — I have signed up, and it is NOWHERE as hard to get listed as DMOZ! Also, try to submit a website to web directories to increase your backlinks and web network popularity.

B. Add URL & Feeds in Search Engines like ( Add your URL to Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, AOL, A9, Dogpile, AllTheWeb, ScrubTheweb, Meta Crowler, Ask, Jayde, Mamba, Hotbot, whatUseek – Submit A Site, Giga Blast, AddURL – add you URL to SurfGopher)

2. Choice of Domain and URL

A. The Domain is the mirror of any website, a properly decided web domain can give you much more profitability and website traffic. While booking a domain name, first of all, check its keyword phase competition in Good Keyword or google webmasters tools – (An SEO Tool), business theme suitability, and extension for website. And then use dashes (-) between the space, If the domain is of more than a single word, Like ( And try to choose less than or equal to three words using the domain. like ( And always choose a business-relevant theme-based domain like if any person manufactures the steel tubes then he must look ( The domain extensions also play an important role in this matter The Extension .com is related to commercial websites, .org is related to organizations, .net for network and web design and development related internet websites, .info for informative websites, .edu for educational websites, .biz for business information zones websites, .gov are for governmental, national and state authority website.

B. And same as domain name URLs and address of pages of the website make a great impact over the promotion of the website. The Dynamic URLs with Id queries and parameters stop the Search engine robots, Crawlers, Spider, and Indexer to visit the particular page, So always use Static URLs which ends with a hash (/) for directory and with .html or .htm for hypertext markup language page. Always follow webmaster tools guidelines before booking the domain for the website.

3. Visit Length and Downloading Speed

A. You must keep an eye over the speed of loading of the webpage and noticed that about 50% of the visitors only stay between 0-30 seconds on the website. The question is that, Is it normal? Could it be a problem with site downloading too slow? Got a bulky site? don’t want visitors leaving while they wait for your site to load? Choose what to give them based on their line speed. Maybe it is not targeted well enough or not properly indexed? Or the website is not user friendly. So check it out.

4. Webpage Size

A. The webpage size must be according to the requirement of the website. The page size must be less than 100 KB, Becouse a less bit page will load faster and increase the speed of surfing of the visitor. It is idol dat the webpage size will be between 30 to 70 KB. You can also check the webpage uploading time in google central webmaster tools. The page must have good quality content and also have images to index the picture in search engines becouse the user also hits the images to search the related pages.

5. Much Quality Content and Limited links!

A. The website must have quality content integration with the links. Any website which has webpage theme-related content on it and limited links will definitely index in the search engines and help search engine optimization. The webpage content must be related to the title, Meta Description, Meta keywords, and requirement of the page. Any webpage must have below 100 outgoing links and the page must have good incoming links. The rich content and informative site have a good chance to rank well in SERP’s. You should not use the copied content from some other’s site, It can make the copyright issue and get penalized your site in search engines. Also, secure your fresh content by using CopyScape script through And add copyright © 2008 at bottom of your web design templet.

6. Email Warden

A. Some of visitors may be interested in this — Email Warden is an easy-to-install browser toolbar which generates email disposable email addresses for use on web sites that needs email registration. Can be aliased to your real address and disposed of when no longer needed. Freeware for Windows XP/ Vista. Requires I.E. or Firefox 1.5+.

7. Gain Sales by Gaining Your Customers Trust

A. If you are selling services or products online? How many potential sales do you estimate, It may be in you mind limit but you can increase it dynamically. Several times you lost because visitors are scared to give you their Debit or credit card details over the internet? Thousands or maybe even more? Unless you are reputable you are losing many, many sales. So you have to make you goodwill strong on net and should get trust seal with E-trust certification websites. Get you visitors to feel confident with you and watch your sales soar.

8. Get Quality Inbound Links

A. Inbound links are the single most important factor to getting traffic to your website. If you want up to 100, PR5 to PR9 inbound links just let us know.

9. Use PPC (Pay per click) and CPC (Cost per click) Programme

A. The increase website traffic and quality traget customers to your website you can also go for Paid PPC and CPC Campaigns with Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Market, MSN Search Center and other search engines affiliated paid advertising programmes. But all these work need web and seo expert who can maximize ROI of business with efficient use of PPC webmaster tools and PPC campaign.

10. Earn Money with Paid Advertising publishing and Sponserships

You can earn money by displaying paid Ads Classified on you webpages and can advertise other company weblinks and banners on you website. The Google have a earning programme named as Google Adsense. So try it and earn money by Paid Advertising to our websites.

Google PR Page Rank

A. The Google Page rank is a type of google algorithm developed by google webmaster and developers team to give value standard and weightage to the all websites on internet and follow various webmaster tools of google professionals. The PR is a power given to a particular website by google on bases of incoming links towards it by other websites. The PR of any website can be check in the google tool bar PR tools, A green line of power shows the PR of website and it May be between 1 to 10. The link to any website is a vote to it by other web site, More quality Links & high PR website’s link can increase the PR of the website to which the links are given. One thing as a webmaster I want to say that 5 of hight PR, Let say PR-6 links to a website are better than 500 links from PR-2 websites.

12. Alexa Ranking and Rating

A. The Alexa is neither a web directory nor a search engine. The Alexa only counts the particular hits on the website and then gives a rank position in every third respective day. Alexa offers its website hitting and position graph to the user and invites an info.txt file for validating your site in his database management and record, If you put that info.txt file on your server root, then you can continuously trace and get you website traffic record and popularity position over internet.

13. Robots. TXT File

A. The robots.txt file is a simple file that directs the robots like google bot, MSN bot, Yahoo slurp, Etc. to crawl/ spider or index the page the is also a way to guide the visits of the robots but the ideal way is to make a robots.txt file according to the need of the website and upload it on the root in server. List of Webmaster Tools offering Website
These above Webmaster tools can help a lot for the self-search engine promotion and website optimization. These SEO Tools and tips are the results of 3 years of continuous research and webmaster blog articles proved results. If you want to learn more about search engine optimization and search engine marketing you can explore Free webmaster tools pack on this website. So click the link and learn steps by steps knowledge about internet marketing.

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