Converting A Website From HTML To WordPress: Important Things To Know

Numerous platforms for website creation are available, but companies want to stay ahead by investing in the right and advanced platforms in this era of cut-throat competition. HTML was once a credible platform for website creation, but with time it lost its charm and couldn’t keep with the pace of technological advancements. HTML has various limitations, and most importantly, it’s static. With the internet moving ahead with technology, the little scope is left for static websites. To stay ahead and keep pace in the market, one needs to invest in dynamic web solutions, henceforth converting a website from HTML to WordPress is an excellent option. WordPress is the best Content Management System available in today’s time. It is a platform that allows developing dynamic websites with multiple themes. To get a full website created on WordPress, it is good to hire WordPress developersto get a customized solution.

Let’s discuss some essential points for converting a website from HTML to WordPress,

Benefits of WordPress

It is far and wide the best Content Management System available today. It backs huge popularity and a massive developers community. Here are some benefits to it,

Easy Management and Learning

WordPress is a self-hosted platform that has numerous themes in it. Developers can easily understand its mechanisms as a vast database knowledge is not required to maintain the content on it. Apart from that, tremendous supporting and guidance material is available on the web for developers to enhance their WordPress skills. Here, publishing and updating new content on your website is convenient without visiting the webserver.

It is SEO Friendly

WordPress offers in-built SEO features that make optimization very easy. The provided features are free and provide numerous SEO plugins to optimize your site and improve its visibility.

Vast Themes and Plugins

To make any website stand out from other available options on the web, it needs to have an attractive and dynamic User Interface. WordPress offers numerous free and premium themes and plugins to customize your website and give it the desired functionalities. Besides, various skilled developers work round the clock to make this medium even more efficient. WordPress’ massive community of users and developers are always ready to extend a helping hand in case of any doubts related to it.

Provides Multi-User Functionality

This platform provides the functionality of allowing authorized users to manage your website. The users might have different levels of skills can be editors, contributors, and administrators, etc. Hence, this makes the tasks convenient.

Easily Integrates with Social Media

Various plugins in WordPress allows you to integrate your website with different social media platforms. It helps you to promote your business better and increase the visibility of your website.

Provides Advanced Security

In comparison to other development platforms, it offers an advanced level of security. In WordPress, it is almost impossible to breach its security, and with the help of constant upgrades, it stays ahead of hackers.

Website Conversion from HTML to WordPress

Before the conversion, it is essential to analyze the existing HTML website. Here, one should look for the content and functionalities that need a change. Along with content and functionalities, navigation should also be checked to see whether it can be changed or not. Further, the new functionalities to be added should be decided. It will indicate the plugins that should be added. Lastly, before calling the final website on WordPress, one should know its benefits and functionalities.

Backing Up The existing HTML Site

It is always recommended to back up existing websites while switching them to a different host. It always protects critical data from crashing or losing.

How To Perform The Conversion?

Various methods are available to convert an existing site into WordPress. It can either be done manually, or numerous skilled WordPress Programmers for hire are available. Whatever method you choose, it is always advisable to divide the present HTML code into four different sections; header, footer, content, and sidebar.

Post Migration (Conclusion)

Post-migration, certain things should be taken care of to ensure the proper functioning of the new website. Here, check for essential plugins and broken links and try to fix them if you find any. To sum up, WordPress is an excellent and most convenient web development platform. For getting a customized, robust dynamic website for your business, hire professional WordPress experts.

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