20 Best Side Business ideas for Teachers

Teachers might be the most respectable in all communities but that doesn’t imply they are highly paid individuals. In fact teaching isn’t as financially rewarding as other professions are. These nation builders even suffer more in times of inflation, thereby pushing many of them pursue a side job or a business.

Here are 20 top, in fact best small side business opportunities aimed at teachers who desire starting a side business to augment their monthly income:

1. Book writer

Almost everyone agrees that more than any one else, a teacher is in a great position to write fantastic books. If you happen to be fictionally inclined, then you may write fictional books or instructive books that will guide students to achieve excellence in their studies.

2. Book Seller

You as a teacher could also consider opening a bookstore to sell textbooks, reference books and even notebooks to your local students.

3. Online Bookstore

If you share a strong student love in a school where you teach, then opening an online bookstore is the recommended choice for you. After all, it’s easy to make them buy their books from your online store.

4. Sell Used Books

If your wardrobe is filled with used books, then you can receive great offers by putting them for sale on platforms like  Amazon, Ebay, Book Scouter etc.

5. Private Tutor 

Most likely those teachers who have a strong local presence have also great chances to succeed in a private tutoring business in their localities.

6. Sell Lesson Plans

You could also aid teachers in your school or in other schools to create a great learning atmosphere by selling your lesson plans to them. You can even sell them on online platforms such as Teachers Pay Teachers, Educents, Teachers notebook etc

7. Write Resumes 

You may also launch a resume writing service to help majority of students avoid getting turned down by companies due to poorly constructed resumes.

8. School Stationary

As a teacher, you could also consider putting some investment in a stationary store to sell exercise books, workbooks, pens and pencils etc to the school going kids.

9. Sell Scrap Books

Get into the art of making scrapbooks to help parents, students, babies, weddings and even couples preserve their beautiful moments.

10. School Uniforms

Sell uniforms on a side by getting in touch with the same uniform supplier that your school and other local schools use.

11. Sell Uniforms Online

Create a web store or an online store to deliver uniforms at the door steps of school going children in your local area.

12. Sell School Bags 

As a teacher you could even make your retail store more profitable by adding up schools bags to your product line.

13. Freelance writer 

Offer freelancing services to online magazines, news portals etc if you are talented in writing excellent useful content.

14. Sell Office Supplies 

Aid local corporate as well as government offices to operate their office functions smoothly by selling office supplies like as paper clips, ink toners, business forms, pens, pencils, stamp pads, letter envelopes to them.

15. Office Supplies Online

In addition, you could hire a trained web developer to create an online store and therefore reach more customers.

16. Academic Adviser

As a teacher, you are also in a great position to become an academic advisor to assist students in various aspects such as course planning, academic counselling and registration process.

17. Personal Assistant

Get yourself employed as a personal assistant to answer phone calls, take notes, schedule meetings, send mails texts etc on the behalf of your employer.

18. Affiliate Marketer 

If you own a website hit by lots of users, you can earn fair commission from online shopping portals by directing your visitors towards them.

19. Freelancer Writer 

Think about becoming a freelancer writer if you are a teacher with enough creativity to write excellent articles.

20. Translation services

Someone(among teachers) having great ability to speak one or more foreign languages such as English, French etc could consider offering translation services to clients.

21. Corporate Trainer 

Give thoughts to becoming a corporate trainer to motivate and assist employees in learning the skills they desire to cultivate.

22. Host webinars 

Get benefited from projecting your subject to students while hosting webinars.

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