Attendance Management System In PHP


There are several benefits of having an attendance management system both to corporate and employees. Any organization must keep such software to keep the attendance history of their employees. In the past manual attendance system was a difficult process and one has to calculate the salary of the employees manually which leads to confusion to both employee and employer.

stored in the database and one can calculate the salary of the employee automatically without any error. In such a system, one can also view old data of the employees and so can judge the punctuality of any employee and can check his eligibility for promotion.

Working of Attendance Management System in PHP Project:

This is one of the excellent projects and is available for download. The navigation in this project is simple and one can easily learn to use the software and customize it if necessary.

As a user, you can register yourself on the website by providing your following credentials

  • Name
  • Employee id
  • Email ID/username
  • Password
  • Confirm password

After this, you can log in by entering your username/email-id, and then you will be directed to the home page where you can click on the “present” option. You can also view your past attendance by pressing view attendance history.

As an Admin, you can log in and view the details of any employee by pressing “view details” and entering the name of the person. You can also see their past activity by pressing “view attendance history”. You can also calculate the salary by seeing his or her attendance history.

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